By Juka's Organic Co. on 2019-10-27

Here is a yummy BAOBAB FRUIT recipe for you below at But first let’s look at the health benefits of baobab. A little knowledge about Baobab in case you don’t know what it is. Baobab fruit powder is a fruit that is indigenous to Africa. The tree is very different from any other tree and can live to be 3000 years. When the leaves of Baobab shed, the branches almost looks like the roots are sticking up into the air as if the tree was planted upside down. The three is very difficult to kill, it can sustain many difficulties and still live on. They can be burnt or stripped of their bark and they will form new bark and continue to grow. * * The fruits of the Baobab in the other hand is remarkably great for the body. It is very high in vitamin C , potassium, fiber and many other vitamins and minerals. This superfood is also known to have lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammation properties. Baobab fruit is often used in Africa as a traditional medicine for high blood pressure and as a natural colon cleansing drink just to list a few. * But beyond the healthy benefits, Baobab fruit powder is a delicious fruit to add to your smoothies. It can also be simply added to water and used as a refreshing summer drink . Our favorite Baobab powder recipe at Juka’s Organic Co., is; two spoons of Baobab, two spoons of peanut butter, two bananas , and 1.5 cup of water. Blend it together for a smooth pre-workout meal or a late night sweet & tangy snack. * : For more on this African superfood, click on our bio or visit Stay well, and wonderful!

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