By Juka's Organic Co. on 2019-09-11

This red palm oil review made our morning for Juka’s Organic Co. Even better, it came from an African , read it below :) 
“I hardly write reviews but this means a lot to me because I generally love cooking with Palm Oil. Having relocated from Africa, finding a good Palm oil is the most frustrating thing to me. All they sell in most African store is purely adulterated and far from the Palm oil I know. I am Nigerian, my hometown is know for Palm Oil and Palm wine production. I have actually given up on the Palm oil in America… I resorted to using red bell pepper to add color to my food. I decided to give JUKA’s oil a trial… and boom!!!! The flavor tasted exactly like freshly pressed Palm oil…. I am going to be a long time customer. Thank you for offering value, honesty and authenticity. Please do not adulterate it… am going to let other Africans in New Jersey know because a lot of people have given up on the concoction they are selling in African stores. God bless this company.”

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