By Juka's Organic Co. on 2019-04-23

Happy Lunch Hour Everyone! Turn your left over dinner to a different recipe for lunch by simply adding red palm oil and few more fresh veggies. Not the regular “palm oil” (which is not as healthy) But Red palm oil has a slightly smoky & nutty flavor so adding this oil to any savory recipe will give you a nutritious and delicious meal. If you do not like wasting time in the kitchen, you can buy any restaurant food and just use the red palm as an add on oil and warm it up together. If you are vegetarian, even better because the flavor you can from adding it to your veggies along with the health benefits is priceless. This meal is sautéed seafood 🦞, (Lobstar, shrimps, scallops) spinach, mushrooms, with of curse onions, garlic and fresh basil . Cooked together and we added juka’s organic red palm oil at the end. Yum

Why red palm oil? Unprocessed Red Palm Oil is an ancient food oil that has a long history of use amongst ancient civilizations particularly, in west Africa. Many Africans use the oil to help their overall health. It’s been known to help lower cholesterol and also help with many heat diseases. This is a staple food in Africa but it is now used around the world as the number one cooking oil because of the health benefits. Juka’s organic is also one of the few brands that promote sustainable red palm and stand against deforestation.
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