By Juka's Organic Co. on 2019-02-07

Let’s talk healthy eating habits. And adding fonio to your diet. What’s was your calories intake today? Was it mainly from healthy food or comforting food 🥘? Well you don’t have to choose, you can have them both lol. The goal is to maintain being healthy as a lifestyle and not a New Years resolution that will eventually fail. Take a little bit of time to make home made dinner and know what’s in your meal and take charge. Dining out can be fun and a great way to treat yourself. But we never know what’s in the food that’s made by someone else (wrong cooking oils? Lots of butter? Msg ? Sodium?) Yayks. Yes we can’t avoid this but it’s best to balance it out. Prep healthy foods for the week and see your lifestyle changes drastically.

Breakfast ideas: make a big bowl of oatmeal or Juka’s Organic Fonio as purée for the week and keep in fridge. Add chai seeds, Juka’s organic cold pressed coconut oil for your healthy fats that the body needs for energy and of curse fresh fruits on the side always makes it more delicious.

Yams & eggs are great for the days you want a salty & sweet breakfast you can drizzle some Juka’s organic red palm oil on the yams and this will give you great antioxidants and all the vitamins A &E you need. A big bowl of fruits & yogurt plus granolas makes a perfect fruit parfait.
Eat heart healthy food that taste good like in this photo for lunch 🥙. We made some peanut stew, with avocado salad & a side of African ancient whole grain call FONIO. You can now buy Juka’s organic RAW FONIO that is a healthier substitute for rice & has more health benefits than quinoa. Although the grain is smaller but with great stews, sauces, or even soups it makes for a spectacular, delightful & healthy lunch.
This is enough food for thought so we will skip dinner talk until next time ;). Have a great dinner.
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