By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-11-11

Had lots of fun cooking at Torrance Community Cooking Show with the amazing host/chef, Kirk Leins, full of knowledge and wisdoms. We were debuting Juka’s Organic Raw Fonio “African Whole Grain” and we served it with fresh made peanut butter sauce known as “mafeh”. This is a very delicious but also heart healthy meal that you must try especially when eaten with FONIO instead of rice . Also fonio is the goto carbohydrate for diabetics because it has very low glycemic index, high in fiber, folic acid and iron.

The Full episodes will air on CityCable, TCTV, spectrum (channel 3) frontier (31-37), KNET 25.2 sometime soon. If you have never tried West African food, this one is an awesome one. Little similar to the Tai peanut sauce but better just saying.

Although I’m not a professional chef but I love cooking and have been cooking since the age of 13 . I still can’t believe I was that young lol. Mom made me go to the market with her on weekends in Africa. I remember having to cook almost every other Sunday and little did I know it would serve me well decades later . Thank you mom for all that you have thought me and inspired me to be.
Juka’s Organic Raw Fonio will be available soon to buy. Visit for more.

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