By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-07-30

So grateful that this sauce was simply a dream for people to easily consume red palm oil because of the potent health benefits it offers to the body.

BUT NOW, it’s become a party favorite vegan snack because of the deliciousness of the sauce. Today at @aprylsjones wine tasting, 1 yr anniversary celebration of her company, we were delighted to share our taste of Africa, Red palm oil gourmet sauce as a vegan snack. And Yes It Was A Hit! Every single person that tried this sauce has fell in love with it. S/O to host, actor @ the new season #hboinsecure for giving our sauce an A+
The great thing is our red palm oil sauce can be added to anything. you can have it as a full course meal 🥘 by adding it to grains and meat or sautéed veggies or do a simple summer party snack (boil beans, naked chips and top it with the sauce). Click above or visit our on line store to buy a jar and see what this yummy sauce is about.

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