By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-07-11

Those who sacrifice their time to plant their seeds will always undoubtedly reap the benefits of their own hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to @popfuziontv and thank you for having us on your show. We were wrapping up at Walmart during one of our weekend events, this customer started pointing at me and was saying “I know you..I saw you on a cooking show on the food channel or something” lol, after my crew and I spoke to him for a few minutes we then found out, he was right. He saw me on PopFuzionTV several months ago and I was indeed cooking our red palm oil sauce. This customer was so sweet and fun to speak with. BTW he ended up buying few jars. This is because he said, he remembered how good it looked on TV lol. and he said to himself “I’d like to try that” . Wait, did he just manifest that?. I think he did if you ask me.
So the story is, plant your seeds and manifest the things you want to bring in your life with the thoughts you create in your mind.

Goodnight everyone and keep on keeping on For more about our company, visit or click on bio.

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