By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-06-14

Want to eat healthy home cooked meals but don’t have the time? I’m sure you also want that good tasty food because you don’t want to eat carrots 🥕 and broccoli 🥦 all day lol. This is actually the number one reason why most diets fail. Let’s be honest, most healthy foods are wack 🤦‍♀️just saying. They usually have no flavor or if it does then the scale will be waiting on you.

Try our sauce that gives you a little taste of Africa. Super healthy, cooked with red palm oil, herbs and veggies and yet extremely delicious! This gourmet red palm sauce is also easy to use after a long day of work, just open a jar and cook for 2-4 mins. Juka’s Red Palm Sauce is mouth watering delicious, it can be serve over anything you want (quinoa, fish, rice, sautéed veggies, chicken). Or if you love yams and beans then try this quick meal as in the video and you will be licking your fingers and won’t even have to worry about your weight. We like our food taste, healthy and nutritious (in that other)

If you give it a try, we promise you will thank us later . Click above or visit, also we videos on our website that shows you the many different ways you can enjoy this delicious sauce.

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