By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-05-30

Happy Wellness Wednesday To You All

Especially To The New Yorkers! Wow you all are truly health conscious, can we get the stats please? According to Washington institute for healthy metrics & evaluation, “while life expectancy in many parts of the United States is dropping, it has increased by 10 years in Manhattan since 1987”. So “Manhattan can now expect to live to ripe old age of 82 .. & all the five boroughs is 80.6 years .. Three years beyond the national average..” No wonder why you are so healthy, you walk more, actually walk faster. And you also eat healthier!

On this note, we will hurry and restock Juka’s Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and our RED PALM OIL GOURMET SAUCE for you at WESTERLY NATURAL MARKET on 54th & 8th ave., since they are all sold out! Especially the sauce , oh we know why. You all have busy lifestyles, always on the run, what’s easier and healthier than opening a jar of red palm sauce. Yummy, healthy and easy to make. This delicious sauce “TASTE OF AFRICA” can be added to almost anything (RICE, QUINOA, FISH,VEGGIES, TOFU, CHICKEN) and list goes on..

Thank you NYC, for showing us so much love with our products! If you are not in NYC, and want something healthy, yummy and easy to make for dinner 🥘 tonight click on bio for Store locations nearest to you, or Oder from Walmart and get free delivery at a Walmart store for pickup. or

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