By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-05-25

Wohoo it’s Friday My Current Mood

And don’t judge my dance moves yet , we shall get to that later. But first, let’s chat traveling. The spontaneity in travel doesn’t just end at jumping on a plane ️ and staying in a nice hotel, particularly when you go to a place as special as Africa. Also, tourist spots are great but I feel it just isn’t outlandish enough, it’s still playing it safe.

Being a native of Gambia and grew up there half of my life, I saw the true African experience in a different lens. So if you are ever lucky to visit places as special as Mali, Guinea Senegal, Gambia or any place in the world that is politically safe and you feel safe, it’s always best to be open to the culture, be spontaneous and mingle with the locals to have a glimpse of their take.

So of curse me taking a walk to locate a gym that was near by (don’t ask me why I’d go to the Gym during travel, IDK just a mental thing lol). I ran into these young men dancing an practicing their choreographic routine which looked so much fun. I decided to join them just for the hell of it and I actually ended not going to the gym. I realized all the workout I needed was right there with great music. And of course, I haven’t forgot, yes that part, the dance routine, I socked at it but we laughed and believe it or not this recording was the first take once the camera rolled 🤗. I also do remember every time I had auditions that had any dance moves during my modeling years, I always would walk away (my former agent isn’t here right lol) because I just knew I socked and I still believe I do except maybe this had some African kick to it .
Anyways, always let your hair down, be open and those are usually the most memorable moments of a great travel experience. For more on my voyage to Africa visit to know our company story and the locals we often engage and work with.
Have a spontaneous Memorial Day weekend and it will be more fun and memorable.

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