By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-05-26

Praise To The Man Upstairs, God, Allah, The Universe, The Devine For All He Has Done And Continue To Do. With All The Hard Work Dedication And Sacrifices And “Pleasure” I Truly Think This Is Just Not Us Doing It Right. It Is Him Walking Along Side With Us To Help Manifest All That Is. (Hope i don’t sound like a preacher lol). All I’m Saying Is, We Are Thankful

Meet us for our 2nd partnership with Walmart in another Supercenter in California. We will be celebrating our partnership with this new location in Pico Rivera, Today from 1-6pm with amazing Food, Music & Great People. This is a perfect Memorial Day Weekend Kick Off Event to experience with your friends and family; Eat & Enjoy Healthy & Yummy African Food (Menu: Salmon, Quinoa, Veggies & Red Palm Sauce). If you are in the neighborhood or just want to come on over for your first taste of West African Cuisine , DM us for the RSVP link. We will be happy to welcome you to Juka’s Organic Healthy & Wellness Food Sampling With Walmart Supercenter.

For more info on our products(coconut oil, red palm oil, Shea butter, red palm gourmet sauce & more, or company story, visit us by clicking on bio or go to . You can also buy our Products nation wide from or click on locations on website for other stores partners near you.

Thank you for your continued support, we CANNOT do it with you.

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