By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-04-11

Good day everyone in Africa and good night if you are in your PJs already ;).

Found this fascinating! This is the mini gas station stands that you often find in small villages, if you are on route to other nearby villages. Gas ⛽️ station buildings are found in the cities or at bigger villages. Years ago, they use to ride horse and carriage but you can hardly see those unless you go further in to villages now. The number one means of transportation now are the Moro bikes . You see everyone using them as taxis and to run errands or to go to work. Therefore if they run out of gas, these mini stations are conveniently there for them. The stations are left unattended on the side of the roads, while the owner is usually multi tasking doing something else. Once you stop by and yell out loud, then they run out side to charge and service your car or motorcycle. Simply amazing.

Staying humble and appreciating everything in life is a beautiful way to leave.

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