By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-03-27

You know the sauce is good when the chef ‍ dives in before the party starts 🤭. I have no idea what she said but it was funny for a laugh .

Our RPO Gourmet Sauce is an Aftican inspired recipe. Made with all natural & vegan ingredients. Herbs and the goodness of red palm Oil which is filled with nature’s antioxidants, with zero additives and no preservatives. It is both healthy and yum! If you are ever curious to try African Food, particularly Senegalist or Gambian food, then this is a great way to indulge without breaking the bank or having to take African cooking lessons. The sauce comes in both mild and extra spicy so help your taste buds stay active and healthy ‍.
You can serve the sauce over and meat or tofu, or veggies and choice of grains (quinoa, couscous or rice). For more, visit or click on bio.

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