By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-03-21

Happy Wellness Wednesday Everyone! What’s your favorite way to use coconut oil in your food?

We love it frozen and added to our morning warm Oatmeal with Fresh Cold Fruits 🥝, with some Greek Yogurt

Add it to morning Toast or waffles as breakfast 🥞. It is also delicious with our morning eggs 🥚 so healthy and yummy .

Add frozen coconut bites to ice cream shhhhh don’t tell, we do not always do this, yeh we know you too.. but it’s yumm!

Visit us for more info and to find the purest Cold Pressed Coconut Oil In The Market only at Don’t just buy any coconut 🥥 oil because not all coconut are picked fresh and also some are refined. To get all the potent nutrients of this healthy oil, it mush be fresh, unprocessed and unrefined just as Juka’s. The smell says it all, from the moment you open a jar, well hello aroma. Stay healthy and conscious about the foods you put in your body

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