By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-03-06

Excited for another interview, this time with Naluda Magazine for their March edition. We are always delighted to share our company story as it only strengthens our missions for Africa. Read snippets below:

“How is Juka’s Red Palm Oil helping those communities and women?

Our company has given these women tremendous business opportunities. Most of our partners didn’t have any work or had very minimal incomes prior to our partnership. A lot of them always sold red palm oil in their small community markets in the villages, this can sometimes take months for them to sell the oil locally. And sometimes they don’t harvest that much fruits and it goes to waste because they are often afraid that there will be excess supply in the market with no returns. …Once we started working with these women as partners, they no longer have to sit in the market months at a time to try to sell their products without a guarantee of purchase. Red palm oil is their main source of income in these villages. Each generation of women produce their red palm and pass it on to the next. Our company works with these women every season and this makes life much easier for them. It is truly humbling every time the season comes around and I’m able to visit to see our women partners. They are always happy and filled with joy about what we are doing together, their praises and songs of gratitude, melts my heart. This is what Africa needs, partners not handouts. They have so much to offer to the world they just need the opportunity to do it with dignity.”

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