By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-02-28

Happy Wellness Wednesday Everyone!

We asked Juka her beauty secrets under her flawless makup.

“I use SHEA BUTTER AS EYE CREAM daily & as all over body lotion in the winter time. I use #aveeno lotion in the summer time since Shea butter can be very oily. I don’t use any other soaps besides our RED PALM OIL LAVENDER SOAP, not because it’s ours but because it amazing on skin. Keeps it acne free because of the antioxidants and anti inflammation properties. I Drink lots of water & eat well. Exercise and do yoga to sweat out toxins (sitting in the sauna 🧖‍♀️ is great option too). I also do red palm facial treatment once every 3-4 weeks). It’s super easy, wash face and dry it out, use finger tip to apply a bit of red palm, mix with honey and turmeric powder. Massage on to face for 20 mins and sit in steam room or do nothing lol and wash off with our soap and done. “

We are on to this like tonight! Who doesn’t love simple easy and beauty tips that work

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