By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-02-23

This Red Palm Oil Gourmet Sauce is the Business! Super healthy and yummy!

Are you thinking what’s for lunch this weekend and you want to make everyone happy but don’t like cooking long hours? Well this is the sauce to try. It has a little African taste to it but not overwhelming. Lots of good flavors, healthy and it’s very delicious. It has red palm oil, and it is a good way to try red palm if you’ve never had it. We all know red palm has lots of antioxidants, vitamin E & A (great for skin anti-aging, and hair) Anti-inflammatory and kills free radicals in the body. Also great for controlling and lowering cholesterol.Ancient Africa has used this oil “red palm oil” for centuries as their #1 Cooking oil. Okay we know you are convinced with the oil but back to Sauce, It literally takes less than 10 mins to prep your whole meal. What more can we say? Nothing much except give it a try and you will come back for more that’s for sure!

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