By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-01-26

Wohoo It’s Friday

Wising you all a beautiful one and as always make each day count by making the right choice in your life. Don’t miss another opportunity to be great, take each chance and build on it as a stepping stone.
And if you are building your fitness game, what better way is there to start indulging good healthy foods. Try using Juka’s Organic red palm oil this weekend for a change, and you will have a change of heart literally with the oils you cook with. The red oil adds spice and natural aroma to any fish dish with herbs and vegetables . The Africans know but you deserve to know too. Also, the health benefits are magical, the redness of the oil shows the high levels of beta carotene and Antioxidant that you cannot find in any other food plant. Oh, and if you don’t like to cook ‍,don’t worry we have the Juka’s Gourmet Sauce made with the Red Palm Oil just for you. It’s GMO free, all vegan, 100% natural with zero preservatives! Well needless to talk about our Coconut Oil, you already know the 100 ways to use this great oil. But maybe we will brag a little about how awesome ours is because it is the best in the market, no really, It Is! Juka’s Coconut Oil is the real deal, the aroma is on point, and the nutty butter texture is there because it’s unrefined and all natural hand picked and cold pressed. Grab a jar or all these natural healthy and wholesome foods from Walmart Portal Ranch at a special promotion price. Or visit our website to build on your fitness game, it all starts from the Food 🥘 you eat.

Have an amazing day and again make it count.

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