By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-01-23

Your dreams don’t require you to deliver all your talent in one day. But the STEPS you take towards getting to your dreams are required.

We at Juka’s Organic Co. are excited to introduce our healthy products at Walmart Portal Ranch In California. If you have health & fitness goals this year, Don’t Expect to make it all happen in one day, but you can TAKE SMALL STEPS towards making it happen. Change your eating habits one step at a time by clicking on our bio or walk into the Walmart portal ranch location and stop by their organic grocery section. Try a jar of our RED PALM OIL and infuse this healthy oil in your diet. Grab the GOURMET SAUCE that is also easy to use on the days you don’t feel like ‍ COOKING but still want to eat HEALTHY. And of course you can’t leave the store without taking the COLD PRESSED COCONUT OIL that will melt in your morning Oatmeal or eggs for a heart healthy breakfast. You are pretty much set for your daily healthy essentials. Now the rest is to be completed at the gym, remember it’s 80% Food and 20% Fitness. Wishing you lots of luck from us to you, we know you can do it, but you must TAKE THAT STEP.

To get more information on the health benefits of our products from Africa, click on link below.

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