By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-01-12

Happy Friday To You All 

It is not where you come from that defines you but who you have become as a person and the legacy you choose to leave behind that will define you. 

None of us chooses where we are born or what family we come from and what generation we are part of, these are distended and every conscious soul should know this. But always remember, we can choose what type of people we become as we get older and wiser. :
When you master self awareness and conscious as Deepak Chopra says “No One Is Beneath Me And I Am Above No One”. This is the highest level of the self when you take away the ego that is only a distraction to the true self. Have a blessed Friday and stay conscious and true to the self. 

Juka Ceesay Founder Of Juka’s Organic Co. 
#ProudAfrican (I’m above no one and no one is beneath me. We are all souls in a body that is chosen by the higher power). :

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