By Juka's Organic Co. on 2018-01-03

Have a wonderful Wednesday fellows!

Nothing feels good than beginning of a New Year with some healthy regimen commitment. Baobab is the Africa’s miracle fruit for high blood pressure and weight loss. It’s the only fruit in the world that dries naturally on the branch. Baking in the sun for approximately six months, baobab’s green, prickly, velvet-like coating transforms into a smooth, brown, coconut-like shell. Inside its hard casing is the dry whitish pulp of the fruit which contains no moisture whatsoever. To produce our award-wining Baobab range, we simply harvest and sieve to produce a 100% natural and organic powder that is exceptionally nutrient-rich, with an equally impressive range of benefits. Baobab fruit powder is a rich source of Vitamin-C which contributes to normal energy release, immune function and healthy & glowing skin. This is one great reason why you should choose baobab fruit powder over any other super food. Hidden in that pile of organic baobab fruit powder are powerful nutrients, an awful lot of vitamins and the key to a healthier you.

Find out more reasons why our baobab fruit powder grows stronger day by day here and if you think it’s the one you are searching for all these days; order right away.

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