By Juka's Organic Co. on 2017-11-21

Wohoo who is excited about the holidays around the corner? But wait, this is when our weight and health get a little neglected then when the New Year is here, we all run for quick fix.

To help you maintain your weight and get any extra pounds off, we have something special for you at Juka’s Organic. Try JUKA’S favorite Superfood today BOABAB FRUIT POWDER. This is know as Africa’s miracle fruit powder because it’s full of minerals, essential vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. We bring this super food in its purest form and near to you from the heart of Africa. Consuming Baobab fruit powder regularly helps COLON CLEANSING, control HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE and also help with WEIGHT LOSS. You can add this African miracle fruit powder to your smoothies, yogurt or protein shake, and stir it with a spoonful of cereal or oatmeal or sherbet or a cup of water with milk and a hint of or just simply to a cup of cold refreshing water. Want to know more? Click on link now or better yet, google Baobab Fruit Powder and be amazed by the many minerals and health benefits this fruit offers. Take control now don’t wait until it’s too late .

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