By Juka's Organic Co. on 2017-09-22

Foodie Friday! 🥘 Taking things back to Africa.

Made this JOLLOF Rice with quinoa several nights ago for dinner and it was delicious !
Let us know if you need the recipe and we will share it!
This dish has caused many fights ‍♂️ on the web amongst Africans as the argument continues about which west African country makes it best. If you ask me, I will say Senegal although I’m Gambian but my parents migrated from Senegal (I’m secretly hoping no African views this post because the argument will be showcased on IG ). Well if they show up, I can easily argue that it’s Senegal and Gambia since these two countries are the only countries with the JOLLOF tribe … right! So case closed .

-1 onion
-3 tomatoes
-2 fresh limes
-1 bunch scallion
-2 cups of quinoa
-1 spoon of mustard
-3 & ¼ cup of water
-4 spoons of tomato paste
-1.5 spoon of chopped garlic
½ spoon chopped fresh ginger
-8 leafs of bay leaf (fresh or dry)
-2 spoons of powdered black pepper
-2 cubes of Maggie Season or bouillon seasoning
-¾ spoon of salt ( Or up to taste)
-3 lbs of fish fillet (salmon or red snapper)
-¾ cup of olive oil (If you bake or broil fish. If you choose to fry fish then fry is first as you would normally do then measure oil as listed)
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