By Juka's Organic Co. on 2017-07-29

Happy Saturday Wherever You Are

My morning oatmeal before I hit yoga in a few hours. This oatmeal couldn’t taste any better. Mix berriesbanana and with 2 spoons 🥄 of our Baobab mix with 1 cup of almond milk and suger cane powder on the side. This reminds me of a breakfast I used to have in Africa except the oatmeal was wheat pudding. I can eat two bowls of it but can’t because I won’t be able to move at yoga .

We love BAOBAB here at Juka’s because it has lots of antioxidant, 2 times of acai berries, 6 times vitamin c than oranges , 2 times calcium than milk, 4 times potassium of bananas and five times magnesium than avocado 🥑! These are facts that you can look up and learn for yourself. Although I don’t think my African ancestors knew these facts but they sure knew it tasted great and they felt awesome eating this miracle fruit powder daily. (at Santa Monica, California)

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