By Juka's Organic Co. on 2017-06-19

Okay so I said I would do a light lunch, well merely impossible, luckily it’s healthy again. The secret of red palm oil with fresh herbs and something spicy is unexplainable. You just have to try it. This ancient African Cooking 🥘 oil literally takes food to another level of greatness! Who doesn’t like a good sea bass, although you can hardly go wrong with it, we made it pass the just okay mark with this yummy African inspired recipe. Heyy, being healthy shouldn’t be a death sentence but instead should be something you enjoy the moment you makeup your mind on it. Explore amazing taste recipes by adding red palm oil to your food 🥘, you will walk away filling like a well accomplished chef ‍. Pop that collar or should I say hat . Visit us at for more

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