By Juka's Organic Co. on 2016-07-24

Do You Have #Dry, #Eczema, #Sunburn, Itchy, #Skin Problems Or You Want WrinklesFree & Anti-Aging Creams? Read Our Customer #Review Below:

“I absolutely love this #Sheabutter, It came in clean nice packaging.
Product also had sanitary vacuum sealed lid once opened it pops off.
They also draw lines in product to prove no one contaminates the

The smell is absolutely delicious and not too “nutty” at all. The Shea butter is pure And doesn’t have any additives or dirt specs it also does not feel grainy like other Shea butter I have used.

This Shea butter is definitely worth it and it isn’t even expensive especially knowing it is GMO free, organic and fair trade which is extremely important when you are buying Shea butter. Believe me I did hours of research and comparing Shea butter. Juka’s Organic Shea Butter is hands down the best Shea Butter out there!!! And a great deal!!

I will definitely order from them again!! Love this Shea Butter it is the only product that has actually healed my eczema and softens my skin but not too greasy to where you leave a stain of grease on everything I touch. It is amazing just a little goes a long way too!”

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