5 Easy Ways to use Baobab Fruit Products


The African super fruit Baobab is one of the highly nutrient-dense foodstuffs in the world. A solitary portion (two teaspoons) contains 33% of your every day necessity of vitamin C, sustaining a broad variety of health benefits series from power release to resistance and fit, radiant skin. It is also 50% fiber so discharges its accepted sugars gradually into your blood stream and has the uppermost antioxidant contented of any fruit.

Here are a few ideas on how to use your Baobab Fruit Powder!

For best results, we advise taking two to four teaspoons of Baobab fruit powder per day. It is simple to put in Baobab into your every day diet - just let your thoughts lead the system!


Here are a few of our favorite habits you can sense the baobab love: 

1.      Dust on fruit, cereal, yoghurt & pancakes 

No question concerning it, intake a bowl of scorching porridge filled with baobab powder for breakfast is an enormous technique to establish a day. But there are also tons of additional breakfast dishes that can profit from a bit of baobab powder. In fact, you can adjoin baobab powder to approximately any breakfast plate: mix it into a smoothie bowl, dust it on overnight oats, combine it into yogurt, or put in it to your breakfast cereal.

2.      Heat with bread, brownies, cakes & cookies

Did you recognize that you can increase the surface of home-based bread by adding a minute quantity of vitamin C rich powder such as organic baobab powder to the dough? This is for the reason that vitamin C helps improve the achievement of yeast by giving vaguely acidic surroundings in which yeast thrives. Particularly whole meal bread, which characteristically do not climb as well as white bread, can advantage from a bit of baobab powder. 

3.      Mix with porridge, desserts, soups, warm water & lemon

Who said porridge has to be uninteresting? Addition, a spoonful of baobab powder to a bowl of porridge, can obtain breakfast dish to an entire original level. To create your porridge even more thrilling, try mixing baobab powder with a few other ingredients with humid flair such as chopped mango, clean passion fruit, Shudder to water, fruit juice, coconut water & salad dressings.

4.      Combine with sauces, milkshakes, smoothies & ice creams

Nagging baobab powder supplement into a smoothie is a huge method to utilize baobab powder and to insert nutrients and a foreign bend to your smoothies. Popsicles sideways, baobab powder makes a huge totaling to roughly any frozen dessert guidelines that call for combining the ingredients. So, if you get uninterested of using baobab powder for popsicles, try adding it up to recipes for cold yoghurt, ice cream or sorbet.

5.      Shudder to water, fruit juice, coconut water & salad dressings 

Yet one more grand method to insert a few baobab powders into your diet is to combine it into salad dressings.

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