Baobab Recipes

Juka Ceesay
african baobab breakfast

Baobab & Peanut Butter

Baobab Nuts. We will like to call this baobab recipe, baobab nuts. We used to go wild on this recipe as kids growing up in Africa. This recipe is especially delicious for anyone who loves peanut butter. There is something about the the peanut butter and baobab that just taste mighty good! The creaminess from both and the tangy flavor from the baobab mixed with the nutty peanuts is so decadent, you have to try it to get it. We would often eat this with fonio or any wholegrain that is similarly cooked as cream of wheat. You can buy...

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Baobab Smoothie

Make the best smoothies with our recipes or you can use your own smoothie recipes and you simply just add some baobab powder. Baobab powder adds creaminess and a tangy flavor to any smoothie recipe you like. It just makes all smoothies taste better. 

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